Dive into the blue, while going green!

What to expect from online courses at Shoals Marine Laboratory:

  • Interactive, course specific live and pre-recorded digital content
  • Combination of synchronous and asynchrous virtual classrooms
  • Live-streamed field excursions on and around Appledore Island
  • Access to long-term data sets from SML
  • Concentrate on one course at a time


Undergraduate Courses

SML online undergraduate courses are being offered during two separate 4-week blocks starting June 22. Courses cover a wide range of topics including marine evolution, coastal habitat field research, marine mammal biology and shark conservation. Learn from leading experts who have extensive experience both in the specific field of study and at Shoals Marine Laboratory. All courses are taken for college credit.

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High School Courses

Earn your first college credits in SML's intensive marine science courses for high school students. Our Marine Environmental Science course covers a broad range of marine science topics ranging from intertidal ecology to the conservation of major marine predators such as sharks. Our Sharks, Skates and Rays course takes a deeper dive into the biology and conservation of elasmobranchs. Both courses provide  invaluable pre-college experience for motivated high school students!

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Shoals Semester

Spend the entire summer at SML in place of a regular fall or spring semester on campus. Enroll in at least four SML credit courses and accelerate your undergraduate prorgram over the summer! You customize your own Shoals Semester to align with your interests for fulfill specific requirements for your major.



Shoals Marine Laboratory offers financial support and scholarships to all undergraduate students, and applying is easy! Scholarships are both need-based and merit-based. We also offer student staff positions to undergraduates who enroll in an SML course so that students can work at the lab and offset tuition costs.



The cost of each indidivual course varied depending on the number of credits, length of the course, and the institution the student receives credit from (whether Cornell University or the University of New Hampshire). We provide a breakdown of per credit, per night, and other course fees on this page.


Research Opportunities

Join an active research community at SML! SML offers paid research internships as well as a new research apprenticeship. Internships are open to undergraduates and include projects in three categories: biological, outreach, and sustainable engineering. Internships include room and board on Appledore Island for up to 10 weeks each summer.



What is life like for students enrolled in SML courses on Appledore Island? Our page for Blogs & Student News provides insights into the day-to-day experiences of past and current SML students and interns, from lectures and labs to field trips and even what to do in your free time. Make this the summer you dive into marine science!


Live Island Stats

Appledore Webcam

View a live feed of our island campus from the Radar Tower here!

Sustainability Dashboard

Appledore's power grid, including solar, wind, generator, and battery status, has a live usage dashboard here.

Tide Charts

Tides for Gosport Harbor, NH
Tides for Portsmouth, NH

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